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Training Academy

The Hattiesburg Police Department Training Academy was founded in 1978 under the direction of Chief Keith Oubre.  The Training Academy was held at Lakeview Range and was moved to the Bobby Chain Airport Complex in 1985.  The academy has celebrated over thirty years of training of The City of Hattiesburg’s finest.  Hundreds of elite officers have been trained by the staff of the academy.  The Hattiesburg Training Academy is unique in its founding; it trains only officers that are bound for service of The City of Hattiesburg. 


The Hattiesburg Training Academy is a paramilitary style institution. The academy has been nationally accredited for over ten years.  The Basic Recruit Class is approximately a fifteen week rigorous training cycle.  It includes certification and training in the following area:  Firearms, CPR, criminal investigation, officer survival, ethics, biased based profiling, PPCT defensive tactics, Verbal Judo, gang investigation, narcotics investigation, pursuit driving, criminal law and other pertinent law enforcement issues.  Basic recruits are also required to exceed the minimum state standards in all areas of law enforcement.  The academy staff is also responsible for conducting in-service training for the department’s sworn personnel. 


The Academy staff consists of three employees: Co-Directors of Training, Lieutenant Tony Fontaine and Lieutenant Terrence Bullock and Office Assistant, Mrs. Kay Davis.


Lt. Fontaine has served in the departments Patrol, Special Operations and Metro Divisions.  He is the commander of the Sniper Team and won awards for his performance at state competitions.  Lt. Fontaine holds certifications in nearly all areas of law enforcement instruction including the following: Handgun, Shotgun, Patrol Rifle, Law Enforcement Fitness Specialist, Defensive Tactics, Pursuit Driver Instructor, Officer Survival, Glock Instructor,  Instructor Techniques, PPCT Defensive Tactics Instructor, WMD Incident Command Course (IC), WMD Hands On Course Gun Recovery and Enforcement Training, Firearm Crime Reduction Training (ATF), Ms Justice Information Center Mobile Certification, Background Investigation, Sniper School (MTOA), Long Range Rifle school, Police Recruiting, Basic Field Training Officer, Active shooter Instructor Course (ALERRT) Remington 870 Armor, Remington 1187 Armor, Remington 700 Armor, Glock Armor, Stinger spike system instructor, Strategic Self Defense and Grappling Techniques Instructor level one, two and Equalizer, Dignitary Protection. 


Lieutenant Bullock has served in the departments Patrol, Special Operations and Training divisions.  He has served as a member and commander of the Neighborhood Enhancement Team (NET) and commander of the Crime Suppression Team (STRIKE).  Lt. Bullock is a member of the Entry Team and was named Officer of the Year for 2006.  He is a combat veteran and a decorated member of the United States Marine Corps. Lt Bullock possesses a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Southern Mississippi.  He holds certifications in the following disciplines:  Handgun Instructor, Shotgun Instructor, Patrol Rifle Instructor, Instructor Techniques, Background Investigations, ALERRT Active Shooter Instructor, Firearm Crime Reduction Training (ATF) and Officer Survival Instructor.


Recently, Officer Brian Morse was named the Director of K-9 Training.  


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